Grain Mill: Golia Novital's 1 Hp

Novital Grain Mill Golia 1 Hp Great for making beautiful fine flour, cause flour or grain cracker, does 80 to 240 Kg per hour. Comes with severl different size sieves so you can do what you want.

Guide above is when using grains, such as Wheat, Oats Barley etc, some herbs and spices.

12 months warranty

This is used to mill quickly very large quantities of cereals such as maize, rye, oats, barley and others like these. It is equipped with an innovative dust-proof tank to contain the milled product.

Technical Details
ENGINE: 750W - 230V HOURLY GRINDING: kg.130 of maize with a sieve of 2.5 mm; kg. 260 with a sieve of  8 mm. (the production can change according to the degree of humidity). SAFETY ENGINE DEVICE to turn automatically the power off in a case of overload, to protect the engine. SAFETY DEVICE to prevent the access to the blades, with 3 forced contact points to avoid any accident risk. It is equipped with 6 SIEVES: 2.5, 4, 6, 8 mm and a 1mm sieve is supplied to give very fine flour. CEREAL FLOW REGULATION: direct and self-adjustable. INSTALLATION: it is steady on its 3 support legs, to make easier the replacement of the sieves and the removal of the dust-proof tank.

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