Rat Trap: White, easy set

Easy to bait simply place some Peanut Butter in the round hole in the front of the trap with the end of a matchstick or knife. Easy to set while on a flat surface slowly pull the upper bar down so it locks into the preset mechanism. Do not rush or force this procedure as it may break tongue off at the back of the trap. The trap is not replaceable if damaged in this way.

Place the trap on a flat surface near where rats & mice are active, for rats it is advised the tie a piece of string on the trap and secure it to something. For rat problems in the roof, it is advised to set one trap each side of the manhole, not next to each other.

To release rodent from trap pull upper bar back and shake rodent from under strike bar into a bucket. Reset trap for your next victim. Clean trap in warm soapy water after every couple of catches.

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